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Company short description

ServiceOne works every day to ensure the highest level of productivity of each employee of the group companies, as well as external companies that are not part of the group, due to the most comfortable working conditions, training and motivation.
We treat each employee of the group companies as the main company asset, whose productivity must be constantly improved and make every effort to ensure that nothing distracts him from creating the product of his position

Company information

ServiceOne works in three main areas:

  • HR management
  • Office management
  • Cleaning

HR management

The success of the company is a synergy of a successful team, management system, continuous development and involvement of each employee.We work with the company’s staff focusing on the company’s business goals. We form and provide system functioning: adaptation of trainees and newly appointed managers, appreciation and training, motivation and career development. We care about the positive employer brand and increase the level of employee loyalty. We make sure that every employee is productive and motivated to achieve.

Office management

Proper organization of office management directly affects efficiency, all of business processes. We know how and are able to organize a comfortable space for productive staff’s work. We provide things that make office life comfortable and employees cheerful and productive.


We create cleanliness and comfort in each workplaces of the office as in houses . Free up time from home routine – cleaning. In particular, the complex of cleaning services offered by the company allows you to quickly and efficiently remove the most persistent contaminants from any surface.


Ruslan Savchishin – founder
Oleg Cherevaty – director

Contacts for media

If you have any questions, please contact:
Oleg Cherevaty
+38 035 2523831

The main indicators

Home page:
Address: Ternopil, Ukraine
Year of foundation: 2016
Number of customers: growing fast

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